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Living BioBanks - Are they the future of biobanking?

Living biobanks, an upcoming concept in the biobanking sector, aim to overcome many of the limitations of traditional biobanks. In contrast to traditional biobanks that store non-viable specimens, living biobanks store viable and functional tissue samples such as patient-derived xenograft models, organoids, conditionally reprogrammed cells or induced pluripotent cells.

We explore in detail the concept of living biobanks, case studies describing established living biobanks as well as some of the key applications of this promising biobanking concept.

  • Patient-derived disease models and living biobanks

  • Bladder cancer model combines ease of liquid biopsy with conditional reprogramming

  • Tumor models for next-generation biobanking

  • Establishment of a living biobank for precision oncology

  • Conditional reprogramming for airway reconstruction and lung transplantation

  • PreCanMed - an EU-funded project for personalized cancer medicine

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