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Basic care for optimum performance and care in the event of contamination
The most obvious approach to contamination-free incubator operation is to keep the incubator clean.
A combination of manual cleaning and automatic decontamination processes managed on a regular schedule help protect cultures in situ and minimize loss of work due to contamination and downtime. Predictive maintenance is analogous to preventive maintenance, whereby cleaning processes can be documented for standardization and compliance, scheduled in advance and assigned to laboratory staff as required.
There is no substitute for aseptic technique when handling cell cultures. Both personal and laboratory hygiene are essential to a holistic contamination management program.

This full e-book covers the following key items for your reproducibility;-

  • Introduction to cell culture incubators

  • Important points for the installation of incubators

  • Important points for usage

  • Cleaning and decontamination methods

  • Basic care of cell culture incubators

  • Tips to minimize contamination

  • Care in the event of contamination

  • - 24 hour UV decontamination

  • - H2O2 decontamination

  • - Dual Heat sterilisation

  • Care in the event of rust

  • Best practices and good laboratory technique

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