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Proper Vaccine Storage and Handling Practices

Making an effective vaccine faces significant obstacles, but it can’t protect people without proper storage and handling, which depend on a complete line of pharmaceutical-grade refrigerators and freezers that maintain the necessary conditions to keep vaccines safe and effective. 
This e-Book reviews the points what the operator who handles vaccine has to pay attention for the correct Cold-chain.

The following key items are covered;-

  • Vaccine Storage and Handling: Current Considerations and Trends

    Failing to keep the cold chain at the required temperature costs lives.

  • Covering the Temperature Range for COVID-19 Vaccines

    Varying vaccine storage requirements demand precise positioning of equipment around the world.

  • Maintaining Cold Chain Integrity (Infographic)

    As COVID-19 vaccine distribution ramps up, cold chain matters now more than ever.

  • Excellence in Cold Chain Storage

    The quality of the cold determines the efficacy of internal storage conditions.

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