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Development of Circulating Tumor Cell Detection Method with On-chip Sort ~Improvement of Liquid Biopsy Technology~

Despite the clinical potential of CTCs, the low abundance in most cancer patients (usually less than 10 cells per milliliter of blood) creates technical challenges related to the isolation of CTCs for further downstream analyses.

Currently, blood-derived CTC recovery methods have been developed based on phenotypic differences compared to epithelial-derived CTCs. Biological property-dependent recovery methods can be based on positive selection, targeting surface markers expressed on CTCs, or negative selection based on removal of blood cells. Physical property-dependent recovery methods include size filtration and density-gradient centrifugation

However, current enrichment methods, both biological and physical, have limitations such as loss of CTCs, low purity of captured CTCs and damage to CTCs after enrichment. Therefore, there is a demand for a technology that overcomes those limitations in recovering CTCs.

The application note below explains the capability of On-chip Sort to capture CTCs with no damage and high purity. The healthy CTCs allow for effective downstream evaluation of molecules that may be utilized as novel therapy targets. Maintaining proper expression of target molecules is a critical step in identifying effective cancer treatments in the future.

This Application Note covers the following topics;- Chapter 1. Development of CTC diagnostic instrument and acquisition of clinical data ~Towards the development of cutting-edge technology~ Chapter 2. Towards the practical use of On-chip Sort for recovery and recovery of CTC ~Route to NGS analysis~

On-chip sort is manufactured by On-chip Biotechnologies Co., Ltd. (Japan) and marketed in North America by PHC Corporation of North America subsidiary of PHC Corporation (Japan).

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