On-chip Sort Flow cytometry systems
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  • Brochure of On-chip Sort

  • A Cell Sorter for Reducing Sorter Induced Cellular Stress SICS

  • Development of circulating tumor cell detection method with On-chip Sort

  • Removal of rare undifferentiated induced pluripotent stem cells iPSCs by multistep negative sorting

  • Damage-free sorting of DRG neuron cells responsible for pain transmission

  • Sorting of 100 μm spheroids on On-chip Sort

  • Damage-free-sorting of fetal rat brain nerve cells

  • Isolation Method of Fetal Rat Hippocampus Cells and Cerebrocortical Neurons

  • Sorting of oceanic phytoplankton on On-chip Sort

  • Sorting of waterinoil emulsion droplets with E coli culture

  • Sorting and dispensing of single spheroids for drug evaluation

  • Development of a cancer stem cell 3D spheroid assay system for HTS image based screening

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